XSDR Series Reset Cabinets

XSDR Series

Reset cabinet XSDR-702-24

Global Technology Award winnerNew XSDR ‘Floor Life Reset Cabinets’ from Totech bring an increased level of process control to multiple batch management of moisture sensitive devices. Using innovative sensor technology and sophisticated software, the XSDR Series Reset Cabinets can independently track the timing of 10 separate batches of components being reset at the same time per chamber. Two separate chambers, each with their own dry-unit and heater enable two different temperatures to be applied in the same cabinet, dehumidifying to less than 1% RH. Both compartments are insulated with 60mm walls.


  • Maintenance-free drying with U-2000 dry unit
  • 10 MSL timers per chamber
  • Touchscreen display to set relative humidity & temperature
  • Two separate chambers can be independently heated to 40 °C or 60 °C
  • Set humidity independently in each chamber (<1% RH)
  • ESD safe design (IEC 61340-5-1)
  • Integrated data logger
  • Ethernet interface
  • Free Totech Viewer for evaluation of data
  • Door and temperature alarm
  • Insulated cabinet body and double glazed doors
  • Adjustable cabinet feet
  • Integrated LED interior lighting
  • SMD Reel rack with reel supports


  • SMD Reel rack with reel supports
  • Temperature and humidity alarm signal lamp

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U-2000 series dryer:

RH drying to less than
1% RH
Regeneration: dynamic

Totech sensors


Rotronic sensor, accuracy
of +/- 0.8% RH

Totech system performance


30 min recovery time after door opening to below
5% RH

Totech system controls


PLC with limit value input through touchscreen display or web interface
Humidity, door open & temperature alarm

Totech climate control

Climate control:

Adjustable for each chamber
Heating 40°C to 60°C
Continuous air circulation
Integrated fan

Totech documentation


Integrated data logger
Climate data recording
Free Totech-Viewer software

The XSDR Series

Component batch ID and MSL level are entered into the Reset cabinet and standardized reset times are either automatically calculated and timed, or entered manually. When the Floor life time has been reset, the user is notified, and the part is ready for use. All data can be tracked & recorded over time through an Ethernet connection and integrated software helping manufacturers on the path to achieving their industry 4.0 goals.