XSDC Cooling Cabinets

XSDC Series

XSDC 601-01 cooling cabinets
XSDC 601-21 cooling cabinets
Dry Cabinet XSDC FIFO

The new XSDC cooling cabinets deliver solutions for applications that require cooling, particularly solder paste storage.  The XSDC 601 cooling cabinets maintain an internal temperature of 0 – 12°C with little energy expenditure. Constructed from dual wall insulated stainless steel, they incorporate 40 KG capacity shelves. Maintaining tracking of paste locations and time in and out of refrigeration are possible with additional software.


  • Insulation: 60 mm sandwich construction with Polyurethane
  • Interior LED lighting with low power consumption
  • Door & temperature alarm buzzer
  • Adjustable legs for levelling out
  • Lockable doors
  • Plastic coated, height adjustable shelves
  • Stainless steel racks (3 pcs)
  • Full stainless steel body
  • 5m Power supply cord with IEC plug
  • Ethernet interface with optional software (601-02)


  • Additional sliding shelves
  • Door release pedal
  • Totech Monitor software (601-02)
  • Temperature & door alarm signal lamp (601-02)
  • FIFO pick by light interior

For more options


Totech system controls


PLC control with limit value input via text display or web interface (601-02 only)
Door alarm

Totech sensors


Precision NTC thermistor (601-01)
HygroClip HC2A-s sensor, measurement accuracy of +/- 0.2 °C (601-02)

Totech documentation


Integrated data logger
Climate data recording
Free Totech Viewer
(All 601-02 only)

Totech system performance


Totech climate control

Climate control:

Cooling 0 – 12° C

The XSDC Cooling Series

The XSDC series of cooling cabinets is ideal for numerous applications where chilling is required, keeping all substances at a precise safe operating temperature. Compatible with the latest Industry 4.0 standard, the XSDC 601-02 can be connected via a standard Ethernet interface.