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Dry Tower Videos

DryTower automated storage systems for electronics manufacturing

Dry Tower project example: Automated storage for SMD production at Sick AG

Dry Tower project example: Automated storage of opened SMD component reels at Smyczek

Dry Tower Project Example: Automated warehouse system for component reels at Zollner.

Animated video demonstrating Dry Tower optimised warehouse management and storage

Totech new containerization system for materials flow in the factory

Take a look into the interior of Totech's Dry Tower - the Automated SMD reel warehouse for Smart Factory storage

Long Term Component Storage Videos

LTS² Long Term Storage Solutions

Dry Cabinets Videos

Totech Dry Cabinets. The most advanced storage & drying of MSDs.

Superdry Totech Introductory video - XSD Instruction Video

XSD Series Dry Cabinets. Advanced storage and drying.

SDB Series Cabinets. Low cost, entry level dry storage cabinets.

SD+ Series Cabinets. Safe low humidity control of less than 5% RH.

ESDA Series Cabinets. 360˚ view acrylic dry storage cabinets.

XSDC Series Cabinets. Drying & cooling for long term storage.

HSD Series Dry Cabinets. High accuracy humidity control to RH less than 0.5% & closed loop regeneration.

MSD Series Dry Cabinets. The MSD is the first modular dry cabinet that can be expanded as your storage & drying needs increase.

XSDR Reset Cabinets. ‘Floor Life Reset Cabinets’ bring an increased level of process control to multiple batch management of MSDs.

Cooling Cabinets Videos

XSDC Series Cooling Cabinets. Controlled storage for solder paste.

Vacuum Packaging Videos

SDV 46 demonstration. Achieve perfect packaging with SDV series vacuum packaging machines

Interviews & News Videos

CEO, Jos Brehler joined Philip Stoten at SMT in Nuremberg to talk about the integration with ASYS, progress made & the opportunities & trends in component storage.

Rich Heimsch of Super Dry talks to I-Connect 007 at Apex 2018 about the growing awareness of moisture management processes in the Americas.

Terry Morgan of Super Dry, Asys Group joins SCOOP's Philip Stoten to discuss Dry Tower & Industry 4.0 logistics

MSL 2.0 Traceability Software for the Dry Tower & multiple dry cabinets. Move towards Industry 4.0.

Dry Tower automated storage systems for electronics manufacturing explained

Totech wins a Global Technology Award 2015 for Dry Tower

Moisture damage and control and how to avoid defects in components

Rich Heimsch talks to Phil Stoten at Apex 2014 about drying & storage & particular demands of specific industries & geographic regions.

Project Manager Artur Brommer talks to Evertiq about Totech Dry Tower

Evertiq talks to CEO, Jos Brehler, about the Dry Tower & demands on the industry to store parts in a controlled & traceable way.

CEO Jos Brehler talks to Kim Sauer of EMSNow about the launch of the Dry Tower and MSL software.

Karen Pearman talks to Sales Manager Europe & Asia, Dave Brehler, at SMTconnect 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany