Vacuum packaging machines SDV series

SDV Series vacuum packaging machines

Vacuum packaging machines - SDV 26 Basic
Vacuum packing machine- SDV 36
Vacuum machine- SDV 46 basic

Totech SDV vacuum packaging machines are particularly suitable for use in ESD protected areas. The primary use of our vacuum sealing machines is for the electronics market to seal all types of moisture sensitive electronic products and components including SMDs, semiconductors, microchips, memory chips, sub panels, motherboards, PLC’s & RAM. The controlled reduction of humidity and oxygen content ensures secure storage and transport conditions


  • Deep-drawn stainless steel vacuum chamber
  • Antistatic acrylic glass cover
  • Double seam welding
  • High-pressure sealing systems
  • Inserts for level adjustment
  • Z-3000 sensor control
  • 99 Program memory slots
  • Service function
  • Key lock, fast-stop and step vacuum functions
  • Shipped with initial equipment
  • Quality Busch vacuum pump
  • Cordless sealing systems


  • Shielding gas unit
  • Additional sealing systems
  • Trolley frame with bag tray


Vacuum packaging machines - Z3000 display

Control Display Z3000 /
(Model Z-2001, Sensor Controlled)

Our sensor control is equipped with a vacuum sensor, and allows the accurate setting of important parameters. Humidity & oxygen content can be reduced in a controlled manner. 99 program memories facilitate the reproduction of your packaging results and ensure easy handling and operation.

ESD safe Vacuum packaging machines

ESD Safe

Our vacuum machines have been equipped with acrylic covers. All surfaces are electrically conductive. Critical surfaces have been coated with dissipative plastics, and feature a bleeder resistance of 1×106 Ohm, compliant with the ESD standard.

Nitrogen units


Optionally, a nitrogen unit may be installed to our vacuum machines to facilitate the packaging of materials which are vulnerable to oxidation or of pressure-sensitive nature. The additional reduction of oxygen content and diffusion rate are ideal for long-term storage.

IPC conformity

IPC conformity

The construction & control system of each vacuum machine is based on IPC regulations.

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The SDV Series

The SDV series vacuum packing machines: an ideal packaging solution for safe transport and long term storage of components and moisture-sensitive materials.