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MSL 2.5 software

Totech MSL 2.5 Software

Find out more about Totech MSL 2.5 software.
Maintain control of all component inventory. Real time monitoring and traceability of moisture sensitive inventory.
Can be integrated with existing ERP and MES systems or used standalone.

Totech Monitor software download

Totech Monitor Software

Download Totech Monitor software.
Real-time cabinet monitoring with optional alarm function.
Compatible with SD+,
Totech external
datalogger & all cabinets equipped with
U­5003 & U­7203 Dry Units.

Totech Viewer software download

Totech Viewer Software

Download Totech Viewer software.
Cabinet monitoring with integrated logger.
Standard for SD+, MSD, HSD, XSDB, XSD & XSDV