Rebranding Announcement

We are rebranding with a brand new logo and corporate colours

We’re excited to announce that over the last few months, we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new corporate identity that will accurately represent who we are.

As part of our rebranding strategy, our company name will change from Super Dry Totech to simply Totech. This name change is part of our strategy to accommodate our ever-widening range of capabilities, to enable us to expand upon our services and to help our customers identify with our brand in the marketplace.

A Fresh New Look!

Our refreshed visual brand identity better represents the core purpose of our company and its products.

The letters of the Totech name represent the journey of component reels through the Storage & Logistics process.


The icon at the beginning of the new corporate logo represents a stack of component reels, the preferred component packaging for today’s manufacturers.

Revitalised Product Brands

Of course, Totech is able to offer customers multiple options for safe component storage and logistics and this is where our product brands will differentiate our products.

Super Dry will continue to be the recognised brand of the leading Dry cabinets in the market.

Dry Tower is our automated storage & material logistics solution which we continue to grow with ASYS.

LTS is our long term storage as a service, allowing manufacturers to forward purchase and safely store large quantities of components, off site. We’ll conduct interim testing to guarantee the quality of the components.

Smart Connect groups the Totech software solutions which enable connectivity & allow manufacturers of any size to comprehensively maintain control of all their component inventory and particularly their moisture sensitive devices.

Each of these business sectors is represented by one of the colours in our new colour cube brand marking, alongside our ASYS Group branding.

You’ll start to see changes to our identity across our website, social media profiles, and our new visual brand signature over the second half of the year.

What does this Identity change mean for our customers?

Nothing changes ...

While visually this is a significant change, our core beliefs haven’t changed. Our team of dedicated professionals will continue to enable our customer’s success. We will continue to provide the same, or better, level of professionalism that you have always experienced and we will continue to be the specialist delivering the highest quality, innovative Dry Storage and Logistics Solutions for the safest storage of your Moisture Sensitive Devices.