Totech wins Global SMT awardSuper Dry’s new generation of robotically automated material handling is a 2015 Global Technology Award winner. The prize was awarded during last week’s Productronica Exhibition in Munich, Germany in the category of Component Storage. Incorporating complete moisture management, floor life reset and traceability of MSL components, the system can manage tens of thousands of different sized reels and trays, operator-free.

Business strives for more flexible automation and digitalization of processes. Industry 4.0 is one example of ongoing initiatives to prepare for the next industrial revolution, focusing on flexible automation, digitalization, and track and trace throughout the entire supply chain. Relentless attention to the elimination of unnecessary manual labor is fundamentally why manufacturing in Europe remains globally competitive with profitable exports.

Moisture Management is a technology that is considerably more advanced in Europe than other geographies, driven in part by RoHS legislation history. Continuous miniaturization, including thinner components and new materials has made the management and treatment of moisture sensitivity an increasingly critical element of electronics manufacturing and product reliability. Electronics manufacturers are thus challenged to manage increasingly larger volumes of parts in a controlled and traceable manner.

Super Dry® robotically controlled Dry Storage Management Systems are integrated safe storage and drying environments with Zero operator material handling. Incorporating mature, proven MSD technology and wide ranging WMS-System integration capabilities, Super Dry Towers are capable of automatically managing tens of thousands of reels and trays and are totally modular for all mix and volume manufacturing scenarios.

Relevant information for processing components is data base managed, from robotic entry through storage or floor life reset, as well as retrieval and delivery of specified components for production from and to one, two or even ten or more different assembly locations.