MSL 2.5 Software

MSL Software

Storage & MSL Management on many levels

The MSL software enables manufacturers of any size to comprehensively
maintain control of all their component inventory and particularly their moisture sensitive devices.

Whether integrated with existing ERP and MES systems or used in a standalone
fashion, real time monitoring and traceability of moisture sensitive inventory helps manufacturers on the path to achieving their industry 4.0 goals.


of the MSL Software

Do you want to know more about the MSL software
or the endless possibilities of Smart Connect?


of the MSL Software

Do you want to know more about the MSL software or the endless possibilities of Smart Connect?

Storage Process Automation for Increased Productivity

An Example of a Smart connect factory

Cabinet 1

  • 7 inch display control
  • Sensors

Cabinet 2

  • 10 inch display control
  • Sensors
  • Hand scanner
  • MSL Software
  • Interface

Smart Connect Cabinets

Reliable Cabinet & Component Monitoring on a Cabinet Level

XSD Series Dry Cabinets

XSD Dry Cabinet Series

High-End Technology

Perfection in every detail

The XSD/XSDB/XSDV series of drying cabinets provides the most advanced storage and drying process available including uniform heat up+ to 60°C and ultra low RH less than 0.5% while consuming a tiny fraction of the energy used by conventional methods. Even with frequent door openings, RH level restores within seconds

MSD Series Dry Cabinets

MSD Dry Cabinet Series

Modular Design

Grows with your demand

A cabinet that grows with your demands, the MSD series of drying cabinets is the first modular dry cabinet that can be expanded as your storage & drying needs increase. The basic MSD can be expanded to 4800 liters without need for additional dry units, delivering precise humidity control to less than 0.5% RH with traceability to a computer or network.

HSD 1106-52 dry cabinet

HSD Dry Cabinet Series

Extra-Fast Drying

Maximum process safety

The HSD Series of desiccant dry cabinets from Totech meets the challenges of humidity on complex MSDs. HSD drying cabinets deliver high accuracy humidity control to RH less than 0.5%, boast recovery times of three minutes or less, and closed loop regeneration that adapts to the load on the cabinet and the frequency of door openings.

SD+series dry storage cabinets

SD+ Series Storage Cabinet

Precision Drying

Economical & precise

The SD+ series of Super Dry cabinets from Totech are fully network compatible versions of the SD models. They are equipped with high precision sensors, closed loop regeneration and climate data logging. Safe, low humidity control of less than 2%RH.

Reset cabinet XSDR-702-24

XSDR Series

Floor Life 'Reset'

Automated reset process

Using safe, low temperature heating and ultra-low humidity XSDR ‘Floor Life Reset Cabinets’ from Totech allow process control and multiple batch management for operations that do not have tracking software implemented. The cabinets independently track the timing of up to 10 different batches of components being reset at the same time.

XSDC long term storage cabinet

XSDC Dry Cabinet Series

Long Term Storage

Dry Cabinets that also cool

XSDC long term storage cabinets help avoid problems associated with long term storage – oxidation & intermetallics. A powerful cooling unit lowers internal temperature of the cabinet to 10°C & high insulation values are ensured by glazed double-walls & a foam inner body. Totech Monitor enables real time traceability of all cabinet conditions & can send alarm email notifications.

Key Data Available at a Glance

Cabinet Monitoring

  • Online humidity and temperature control
  • Data management of multiple drying cabinets
  • Data displayed on PC in table or chart format
  • Automatic device authentication
MSD serie Cabinets