Medical Applications

Dry storage for Medical Markets

Desiccant Dry Cabinets

Dry Cabinets from Totech are currently used in research institutes and medical facilities around the world to deliver moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage for a wide range of technologies. Dry storage of medical samples, pharmaceuticals, experiment samples, powdered materials and surgical instruments are just a few of the applications being enabled by Super Dry cabinets in a wide range of hospitals and health departments.

Medical applications for dry cabinets

Completely Nitrogen free, our dehumidification can be controlled from 0.5% to 25% RH. Super Dry cabinets can incorporate exceptionally fast recovery time, ideal for applications requiring frequent access. They are available in a variety of sizes from small benchtop to walk-in rooms, and with gentle (40˚-60˚C) heat for accelerated drying of thermally sensitive materials. Or cooling down to 10˚C below ambient temperatures. The diverse demands of medical and biotechnology applications make Super Dry’s wide range of low humidity solutions an ideal choice. 

HSD cabinets combat the effects of humidity with the state-of-the- art U5000 Series closed loop regenerating dry unit, reaching ultra low humidity <1% RH and fast recovery times even after frequent door openings.

View our recommended, HSD and SD range of dry cabinets for storage solutions to protect all kinds of medical samples and instruments, safeguarding them from high humidity and moisture for a consistently reliable performance.

Our extensive expertise can also be applied to other industries including lenses and optics, industrial applications and preservation of antiques & valuables. For more about our work in any of these market sectors, please contact our team today.

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