Next week’s APEX 2014 in Las Vegas will be the largest for five years, and  Super Dry has planned our biggest display ever.

With the largest selection of sizes and performance levels in the industry, we have storage and drying solutions that fit every application and every budget.  The technology has been fueled by the advanced moisture management demands of our European customer base, who’s practices are 5- 7 years in front of ours here in America.  This was one of the topics of my recent conversation with SMT editor Ryan Flaherty.

One of the products being exhibited for the first time in America is a new expandable series of desiccant storage cabinets  that feature very high performance de-humidification in a modular design that costs 50% less than conventional solutions.   Complementing the company’s extensive range of ultra low humidity drying and storage cabinets, the MSD Series  provide recovery times after door openings of under 5 minutes.  The powerful U 5002 desiccant unit achieves <0.5% RH and is able to comfortably control 3600 liters (127 cubic feet) of storage, enabling the 50% savings over conventional solutions.

Another important product is the XSD 701.  The award winning XSD Series was designed to exceed the formidable challenges associated with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 and 1601 for handling Moisture Sensitive Devices.  XSD desiccant cabinets deliver a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5%) and mild temperatures (40-60C) proven to replace traditional oven baking of components and boards at a fraction of the cost. (10%)  Unlike other desiccant cabinets with heaters, the Super Dry XSD cabinets can dry BGAs, PCBs and other moisture sensitive devices at oven-equivalent speeds without oxidation and inter-metallic growth induced by traditional baking temperatures.  Oxidation is a significant drawback of baking components and even a single bake cycle at typical 125o will significantly increase wetting time.  Unlike vacuum or baking ovens, the XSD cabinets also offer cost effective unlimited MSD safe storage in full compliance with 033 specifications.

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