Long Term Storage Solutions

Long Term Storage Solutions

Storage of sensitive components you can trust!

Safe storage and quality testing of sensitive components

Long Term Storage Solutions (LTS²), is a service by Totech offering safe, off-site storage and quality testing of components, subassemblies and moisture sensitive devices. Our secure, quarantine areas are compliant to international standards for MSD and Long Term Component Storage, (J-STD-033 & IEC62435).

Shortage of electronic components

Globally there is a significant shortage of electronic components, especially SMT components. Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have all been forced to work and communicate from home, creating a huge increase in sales of PC’s, game consoles and other smart devices. This surge in sales has created a very high demand for electronic components and consequently, a shortage of electronic components in other industries. The Long Term Storage of electronic components is a solution for manufacturers facing this problem in the future. 

Helping manage component obsolescence

Faced with the challenges of high demand as well as rapid changes in packaging design and materials, many manufacturers find themselves forced to advance purchase additional quantities of components to guard against the impact of component obsolescence on their final product designs. This in turn creates an issue of long term inventory storage.

long term component storage - managing obsolescence
Long term storage solutions - barcode identification

Short product life cycles

Product life cycles have become very short with new models being released sooner than ever before. Manufacturers in the electronic industries must guarantee the availability of replacement parts including PCBs for ten or even twenty years. This demands the advance purchase and extended storage of components and materials. Further complicating the problem is that most components cannot be stored for more than a few years without very special handling procedures.

LTS² - Long term storage solutions. MSL storage service

We know that keeping stock of SMT components and PCB’s is essential to keep manufacturing lines running and guarantee the availability of replacement parts for the long term. We also know that storing components is a complex discipline requiring specialist equipment, finely tuned processes & reliable environmental control. Choosing the right storage can allow components to perform reliably to specification long after original manufacturers guarantees have expired. It can slow down the aging process, allowing components to retain their ‘Form, Fit and Function’ credentials.


  • No waste of valuable production space on the storage of Last Time Buy components. Space costs money!
  • Our specialised knowledge in dry/ cool storage helps you avoid damaged components and ultimate failure of parts.
  • Avoid the dangers of component obsolescence. If ignored this risks the product losing some or all of its function, or requiring expensive re-engineering.
  • Maintain full productivity & ability to fulfill service contracts.

Secure storage & quality testing of sensitive components

We use our patented technologies for temperature and humidity control with transparent and fully traceable logging so you can access information online to verify the status of your stocks in real-time.

Storage of electrical (MSL) components in a safe, secure and controlled environment over a longer period of time can be a solution to avoid problems such as:

  • Contamination
  • Corrosion
  • Diffusion
  • Thin pest
  • Moisture absorption
  • Moisture extraction
  • Embrittlement
  • Whisker formation
  • Solderability problems
  • Popcorn effect
Components Storage

Safety & Security

Oxidation free storage

Controlled and oxidation free environment to keep components in optimal conditions. (multiple climates can be discussed.)

Long term storage ESD safe

All rooms are ESD safe and can only be entered via a sluice.

Long term storage fire protection

An advanced fire extinguishing system is installed which does not harm components should it need to be deployed. Camera systems around the building monitor visuals and temperature in the immediate surrounding area and the neighbouring buildings.

Rood Microtec testing services

Quality testing services in cooperation with testing experts, RoodMicrotec.

Component Testing services - Rood Microtec

We have partnered with RoodMicrotec to offer related high quality testing services comprising electrical tests and physical analysis of components prior to storage, as well as periodic quality monitoring during storage and prior to shipping components back to the customer.

We have solutions for the long-term storage of your sensitive components

Behind LTS² lies the most comprehensive understanding of component storage issues – the knowledge that comes from years of perfecting the industry benchmark solutions that make up the Totech equipment range.

Customers of LTS², although primarily concerned with having a reliable, third-party component storage partner, will undoubtedly be reassured by the advanced technologies being deployed.
These technologies include Totech’s Dry Tower, Dry Rooms and our Super Dry Dry Cabinets.

One of the most reliable ways of protecting against obsolescence problems is to have your own stockpile, but that requires another area of expertise, component storage. And that is where Totech LTS² can help.

Jos Brehler, Totech Managing Director