Laboratory Applications

Laboratory Applications

Desiccant Dry Cabinets

Ideal for the dry storage of important biotech, physical, chemical and medical materials, Totech cabinets are trusted by leading laboratories around the world to protect laboratory materials that are sensitive to water, from reagents and laboratory samples, through to medicines, water solutions, microscope lenses and fine apparatus.

Our Dry cabinets are used in high profile laboratories, guarding against deterioration caused by moisture. We’ll dehumidify important biotech, physical, chemical and medical materials under ambient temperatures to eliminate the threat of damage caused by heating stress.

Dry storage for laboratory applications

Stored in Totech Cabinets, key laboratory materials can be kept in prime condition and will not be subject to deterioration caused by moisture. In particular, Totech technologies are especially suitable for the storage of water solutions and microscope lenses, since both are extremely sensitive to moisture.

View our recommended, SD series and SDB series of dry cabinets for moisture-proof, anti-oxidation dry storage of laboratory materials.

Our extensive expertise can also be applied to other industries including lenses and optics, industrial applications and preservation of antiques & valuables. For more about our work in any of these market sectors, please contact our team today.

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