Factory Conductor SW

ASYS offers the industry’s largest product portfolio of machines and material logistics solutions for the entire shop floor. With the integration of Motives Software GmbH into the ASYS Group, the portfolio of software solutions is now also expanding. The latest addition is Factory Conductor, a factory level software tool which complements the existing machine and line-oriented ASYS software solutions, PULSE and OIC (Overall Inline Communication).

The Factory Conductor is the core element in the “Material Manager” software which ASYS uses for Material Logistics. It is a modular link between ERP and the production lines and supports process optimization across the entire electronics production. The software also coordinates the multi-level material flow between the main warehouse, production warehouse and the production lines. It completes the broad software product portfolio in the MES environment for the entire shop floor.

The Factory Conductor software tool is advancing other innovations such as the “dynamic magazine control” in production, the “automatic planner” of the material flow and the “visualization of operating data”. In the future, the portfolio of Industry 4.0 solutions will be expanded on both a hardware and software level. Topics such as cloud solutions and BigData will also be included.

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