Expert AssemblySouthern California EMS provider Expert Assembly Services, Inc. has been known throughout the region for exceptional quality control processes since their inception twenty years ago.  The company recently enhanced that control with the addition of ultra-low RH component and PCB storage and drying by Super Dry.

The company specializes in time-critical, complex consign and full-turnkey PCB assembly services for over 100 OEMS from a wide range of end markets including aerospace, medical, dental, communications, defense, storage, entertainment, and networking.

Ever increasing miniaturization of electronics, including thinner components and new materials has made the management of moisture sensitivity an increasingly critical element of product reliability.  Manufacturers are being challenged to manage larger and larger volumes of parts in a controlled and traceable manner. IPC /JEDEC-J-Std-033 identifies a maximum of 5% RH to safely store MSDs. This simply stops the clock. it does not remove moisture nor restore MSD floor life.  Lead free processes, which create up to 3x the saturated vapor pressure within components, extend the challenges of eliminating the cracking, popcorning and delamination that cause field failures. A  0.5% humidity environment not only safely stores components, it can also remove moisture and reset component floor life, while also preventing oxidation and inter metallic build up caused by high temperature baking.

Jack Quinn, Founder and CEO at Expert Assembly Services, commented: “Our decision to deploy this technology included two key facets.  Our primary concern was to minimize the vulnerability of moisture contamination inherent to PCB Fab and to certain types of Integrated Circuits such as BGA (Ball Grid Array) and QFP (Quad Flat Pack) components that collect moisture during storage.  In mixed technology manufacturing the highest risk of failure is caused by moisture.  Super Dry storage prevents moisture contamination and allows us to achieve the highest level of First Pass Yield, lowering our internal cost of manufacturing.”

Jack went on to conclude, “Our Customers feel reassured and safe knowing their components are stored in a Super Dry Cabinet that yields the highest possible level of Quality for their boards.”

“The original RoHS deadlines accelerated European electronics manufacturers’ recognition of the need to establish comprehensive material management programs including storage and drying of components,” added Richard Heimsch, Director at Super Dry in the Americas.  “After more than a decade of development and 3000 unit shipments, we now have mature solutions for a burgeoning electronics process problem which are also unmatched in environmental friendliness.  These systems consume less than 1% of the energy of traditional baking methods while at the same time reducing overall floor space and logistics.”