Ever increasing miniaturization of electronics, including thinner components and new materials has made the management of moisture sensitivity an increasingly critical element of product reliability.  Manufacturers are being challenged to manage larger and larger volumes of parts in a controlled and traceable manner.

Cabinet recovery time is a critical performance factor and frequent and extended door openings impact the interior environment.  Super Dry® MSD cabinets provide recovery times after door openings of under 5 minutes.  The powerful U 5002 desiccant unit achieves <0.5% RH and is able to comfortably control 3600 liters (127 cubic feet) of storage.  This reduces the cost of extended storage space by 50%, and can be added in the field.  The ESD safe enclosures feature individually lockable doors which are alarmed for out of spec RH or extended opening times.  Retractable steel shelves on metal roller bearings provide excellent ergonomics, and the unique aspect ratio is deep enough to even accept tape feeders.

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