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Brose had long wanted to automate the storage of their component reels when they visited Totech at the SMT trade fair in Nuremberg in May 2015, and discussed in depth the automation possibilities at the company’s Hallstadt location.

"The potential to save on personnel costs and storage space quickly became clear to us but it was not a step we could take immediately. In the end, we decided to tackle this very extensive project in 2019. We aimed for a very high degree of automation with the intention of saving costs and increasing the efficiency of the Brose location in Hallstadt," explains Matthias Pitterich, employee in production engineering and prefabrication.

The degree of automation is the important factor here. The Brose material logistics concept is fully automated so there is no need for any manual handling of the component reels between storage and actual use on the assembly line. Once the outer packaging of the component reels has been opened, a posting is made in the ERP system and the reel is fed into the system.

Intermediate storage of the reels at a container station
Transport of the reels to the label machine
Automated scanning and labeling of reels with a unique ID
Transport to the X-Ray Counting module
Counting of the component reels with an X-ray counting device
Measuring the reel
Transport to the Dry Tower automated storage system (chaotic, volume-optimized storage)
Retrieval of the reels according to order data/parts list
Automated transport of the reels to the assembly line via driverless transport systems

In addition to the hardware modules, a comprehensive software package, the ASYS Material Manager, is also part of the overall project.
"Thanks to the Dry Tower’s modular design we are able to offer very customer-specific material logistics solutions. When it comes to automating the material logistics of SMD production, together with ASYS we have the largest product portfolio and the greatest level of experience in the market.

This project at Brose is the most extensive to date, as many modules have been combined to form a coherent overall concept," describes Artur Brommer, Head of Dry Tower Marketing and Sales at Totech.

The following material logistics modules are used at Brose:
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