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Back in 2013 there were almost no suppliers of automated storage systems for SMD materials. There werent even any reference systems, let alone fully developed products. Birkholz was one of the very first companies to take the step of partnering with a manufacturer, Totech, to develop a custom, automated dry storage project.

That was the beginning of a relationship that has proven to be mutually beneficial. Birkholz acquired a highly economical and reliable storage solution for its SMD components. And Totech, the dry storage specialist, is today the market leader for the central, automated storage of component reels and trays.

The storage system was created to fit the space available. Behind the grey wall seen in the picture is both the automated storage system, as well as a walk-in dry room for sticks and printed circuit boards. Access is via an automatic sliding door.
Retrieval in set-up sequence
The component reels and/or trays are retrieved from the set-up station in the order specified on a "Picking List"
Clever storage solution
The storage takes place via a paternoster system. This serves as a buffer if the system is busy removing stock. As soon as this is completed, the paternoster is emptied fully automatically.
Integrated dry storage
The storage system is divided into two parts: On the left side the automated Dry Tower System and on the right side the walk-in drying room. The entire system is accessible through an automatic sliding door. This minimizes the open time of the door, so that as little humidity as possible can enter the storage system.
Take a look at the inner workings of the automated storage system.
Central, space-saving storage of SMD components provides more space for production
Less manpower required, thanks to fast, order-related withdrawal from the system in the correct sequence
MSL-safe storage in an integrated drying room also for sticks, trays and printed circuit boards
User-friendly access to the warehouse through an automatic sliding door
Full documentation and associated traceability of all stock movements and climatic conditions

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The Birkholz company
A leading German EMS, Birkholz was founded in 1980. Today the company has 50 employees with a main focus on industrial electronics, especially for customers in the fields of medical, mining, automation and railway technology. With 7 automatic placement machines, automated dry storage, wave and selective soldering machines as well as testing and development facilities, Birkholz is modern and future-oriented.

Final question to Mr Birkholz: Would you do it again?

Yes, the system works extremely reliably.
Our storage area has been significantly reduced and the access time to individual containers drastically shortened. Working with Totech is still fun after 7 years and is characterized by mutual trust and partnership. Should something not work, 24/7 support is available.

Bernd Birkholz
Managing Director

Birkholz Elektronische Geräte GmbH
Im Gewerbepark 31-35
91093 Heßdorf
09135/211 611-24

Terry Morgan
DRY TOWER Sales Europe
+31 38 2031051

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