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Innovative Software Solutions
for MES Environment on the Entire Shop Floor

ASYS offers the industry’s largest product portfolio of machines and material logistics solutions for the entire shop floor. With the integration of Motives Software GmbH into the ASYS Group, the potential of the extensive software solutions of both companies is maximized. In addition to the current machine and line-oriented ASYS software solutions PULSE and OIC (Overall Inline Communication), Motives' Factory Conductor is a factory level software tool.

The Factory Conductor is the core element in the "Material Manager" software which ASYS uses in the field of Material Logistics. It is a modular link between ERP and the production lines and supports process optimization in the entire electronics production. The software also coordinates the multi-level material flow between the main warehouse, production warehouse and the production lines. It completes the broad software product portfolio in the MES environment for the entire shop floor.

The Factory Conductor software tool is advancing other innovations such as the "dynamic magazine control" in production, the "automatic planner" of the material flow and the "visualization of operating data". In the future, the portfolio of Industry 4.0 solutions will be expanded on both a hardware and software level. Topics such as cloud solutions and BigData will also be included.

The latest developments in this field will be presented at the 11th ASYS Group Technology Days in November.

SuperDry Totech

More Transparency and Efficiency in Electronics Manufacturing

The Factory Conductor is a modular link between ERP and the production lines of the entire electronics manufacturing industry and supports manufacturer-independent process optimization. The system can easily be extended by customer-specific workflows. The hardware of a 3rd party supplier can also be integrated. The Software provides a modern, web-based and modular product platform that takes your quality management to a new level.

SuperDry Totech

Material Manager

The supply of materials to the shop floor provides a logistical challenge. The material consumption is high and component reels quickly and frequently empty. Therefore, splicing is essential at an early stage or direct upgrading is necessary when the machine is at a standstill. The Factory Conductor provides the solution for the multi-stage material flow between the main warehouse, production warehouse and the production lines in the material management module in combination with the order management module - monitoring, calculating and controlling the material flow just in time.

Continuous Order and Material Management through production
Reduction of working assets
Reduction of operating costs
SuperDry Totech

Detailed Order Planning

The Detailed Order Planning module is an effective tool for precise order planning of the entire electronics production (across lines and machines). The planner is supported in manually creating the order sequence by displaying important information. The user interface is clear and intuitive. Individual views can be created by the user which enables optimal visibility of the current and planned order processing. In addition, the orders and their essential times are displayed graphically in Gantt diagrams.

The "Automatic Planner" software tool enables detailed job planning for SMD lines to be performed in a separate simulation area. Several simulation results are generated and compared. The best simulation result is transferred to the live planning. The automatic planner distributes selected production orders to 1-n lines. The result is influenced by parameters (delivery date, number of setup changes) which are set by the planner. The result can also be changed manually afterwards.

Creation of an efficient order sequence which takes into account material consumption, employee break times or changeover times
Automated planning of line utilization in conjunction with placement software or planning by the operator
Optimization of material consumption

Operating Data Display (ODD)

The Operating Data display (ODD) module of the Factory Conductor provides the perfect solution for displaying standardized KPI indicators such as Overall Plant Effectiveness (OEE) and individual views of the entire production line. Several tabs are available for a parallel view. The standardized machine information is displayed for all machine types. State-of-the-art technology enables event-controlled, up-to-date displays that show online what is happening on the production line. An evaluation over a defined period is possible at any time. By comparing target and actual values, production errors and quality deviations are detected promptly. The effect of implemented improvement measures can be displayed directly and transparently. This makes the Factory Conductor’s quality management an extremely helpful tool for visualizing and supporting the analysis of the entire SMD production.

Increased transparency, productivity and quality
Support in reducing costs
Dynamic loading of new machine interfaces without production downtime
SuperDry Totech
SuperDry Totech