Electronics Applications

Electronics applications

MSD Storage

By implementing Desiccant Dry Cabinets on your factory floor, you can eliminate potential moisture-related defects in IC packages and Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). And with lead-free, the proper handling and care of MSDs has become even more critical than ever.
Dry Cabinets from Totech are the first auto-electronic desiccator to deliver and maintain ultra low relative humidity of less than 1% RH. All Super Dry cabinets are designed for 100% reliable dry storage of SMD packages following removal from moisture barrier bags and storage of PCBs during manufacture.

Electronics applications

Reduce the potential for moisture-related production faults with Totech dry cabinets for the electronics industry. Protect MSDs including:

check  IC packages

check  PCBs

check  Silicon Wafer

check  Ceramics

check  Liquid Crystal Glass (LCG) Board

check  Optical Fiber, CCD etc

check  Crystal Resonator

check  Other Electric Components


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