Dry Tower technical details

Dry Tower Technical Details


Maximum volume consolidation

Our Dry Towers consist of up to four cabinets equipped with an optimum number of drawers.
The materials placing strategy guarantees volume optimised storage

Totech Dry Tower reel capacity

Drawer Layout with 7” reels

Totech Dry Tower storage

Drawer Layout with 15”
and 7” reels

Totech Dry Tower storage

Drawer layout with stacked trays
or boxes of small parts


  • Stores up to 4000 reels per m2
  • Optimised utilisation of height, depth and width
  • Fast access to all components
  • Volume optimised storage
  • Extendable by combining any number of storage modules
  • Drawer layouts can be customized
Totech Dry Tower optimized storage

Storage Cabinets

Unlimited storage in 3 dimensions

Each cabinet comes with a maximum surface area of 2.2 m² and – depending on its height and the size
of stored packages – accommodates up to 125 drawers with a total utilizable storage area of 210 m².
For each cabinet, this means 5,250 reels* if stored individually or 10,375 reels* in the case of
twin-storage. For single-storage, the drawers have been equipped with anti-slip mats;
for twin-storage they provide locating pins.

*refers to reels of 7″ in diameter and maximum 15mm height


  • Manual removal possible, if necessary
  • Reliable, highly advanced technology
  • Maximum volume consolidation
  • Quick access
Dry Tower SMD production warehouse

5-axis Gripper System

Gentle component transportation

The gripper systems are driven by low-noise and low-maintenance servomotors and move
simultaneously within a 5-axis system. Vacuum grippers transport component packages
like reels, trays or boxes quickly and safely. Maximum loads of up to 3 kilos are possible.


  • Short access time
  • Safe and gentle transportation
  • Reels, trays and other unopened packages  can be moved
Totech Dry Tower automated storage system

Conveyor Technology

Individual and customized solutions

The Dry Tower can be equipped with custom-engineered conveyor technology for batch processing of
reels and boxes, catering for decentralised loading/unloading as well as line supply. Our system
allows for maximum flexibility in your component logistics, as each batch is automatically transferred
by roller and belt conveyors, lifts or autonomous transport system to the best available position.


  • Minimum personnel time
  • Just-in-time line processing
  • Decoupling of loading and retrieval processes
SMD reel storage

Climate Control

Perfect storage conditions for electronic components

Our U-7000 series drying unit guarantees controlled humidity values less than 5% RH.
When moisture-sensitive components are stored in the unit, the processing time sequence
as well as the humidity absorption is automatically stopped. Any possible oxidation
of sensitive metal surfaces of components is prevented by electrolyte deprivation.
Combined with a 40 °C or 60 °C heater, the entire storage system, or  just
a separate area within it, can be tempered. Any expired MSL components can
be gently re-dried at the right temperature.


  • Permanent re-drying of components according to JEDEC standard
  • Fast re-drying thanks to minimum relative humidity
  • Optional heating (up to 60˚C) accelerates  drying process
  • Oxidation processes are prevented
Totech Dry Tower automated storage system

The Dry Tower provides as many as three separate storage areas with different climatic zones.
Components are automatically stored and relocated within these three zones
in accordance with the remaining processing time.

Totech Dry Tower

Just In time

Minimum lead times

The Dry Tower can be equipped with customized conveyor technology for individual packages
and/or boxes. Direct follow-up supply of lines is also possible. Centralized, as well as decentralized,
removal sites can be realized as customized solutions by deploying roller conveyors, belts, lifts
and/or autonomous conveyor systems. This ensures maximum flexibility in component
logistics for each and every user.


  • Reduced staff engagement times
  • Follow-up line supply just-in-time
  • Separate storing and removal processes
  • Iincreased component availability
Totech Dry Tower automated storage system transport


Perfect documentation

The standard interface allows for the integration of the Dry Tower into your existing MES system. Important storage data and parameters such as humidity, temperature and operator intervention are documented. Our integrated commissioning function enables efficient retrieval in the desired sequence and with regard to FIFO.


  • Reliable monitoring & documentation of moisture sensitivity levels as well as drying, stopping and processing times according to JEDEC standards
  • Automatic commissioning function
  • Standard interface for integration into existing systems
  • Seamless logging along entire logistics chain
  • Unrivalled versatility thanks to freely configurable storage strategies
Totech Dry Tower MSL 2.0 software
Dry Tower logistics solution

Take a look at the projects completed for some of Europe’s most successful electronics companies now
using DRY TOWER to improve quality and traceability, reduce manual interventions, save floor
space for their component storage needs and achieve their Industry 4.0 goals…

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