Dry cabinets SDB series

SDB Series

SDB series dry storage cabinets - SDB 151-40 cabinet
SDB series dry storage cabinets - SDB 1104-40 dry cabinet
SDB series dry storage cabinets - SDB 1106-40 drying cabinet

The Totech SDB Series dry storage cabinets have been specifically designed as low cost, entry-level models and feature the basic functions. The patented U-4001 drying unit guarantees constant low relative humidity ≤5%RH for medium to long-term storage and oxidation risks associated with long term storage can be avoided. All surfaces are ESD coated to conform with current ESD 61340-5-1 standards.


  • Maintenance-free U-4001 drying unit with integrated fan
  • ESD safe design (IEC 61340-5-1)
  • User-friendly humidity visualisation through hygrometer
  • Coated shelves
  • Lockable doors
  • Relative air humidity below 5% RH


  • SMD reel rack
  • Honeycomb module for IC tubes, etc. –
  • Additional shelves

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U-4001 series dryer:

Air drying RH to below 5%
Regeneration: static (timer controlled)

Totech sensors


No integrated sensor

Totech system performance


30 min recovery time after door opening to below 5% RH

Totech system controls


No integrated control Display of climate data through hygrometer

Totech climate control

Climate control:

Forced convection through forced air circulation

Totech documentation


External data logger (optional)

The SDB Series

The SDB Series of dry storage cabinets is ideal for the moisture-proof and anti-oxidation storage of wide-ranging technologies and conforms with IPC/JEDEC J- STD-033 & IPC-1601.