Dry cabinets SD series

SD Series

SD series dry cabinets-Dry Cabinet sd-302-21
SD series dry cabinets - Dry cabinet SD 702-21
SD series dry cabinets - Dry Cabinet sd-1106-21

The SD series of dry cabinets from Totech comprises a wide range of models. Thanks to their advanced design, chrome steel standard shelves and reliable drying units, these cabinets offer maximum protection for medium to long-term storage.


  • Maintenance-free U-2000 drying unit with integrated fan
  • ESD safe design (IEC 61340-5-1)
  • Limit value monitoring (RH; °C)
  • Door alarm
  • Digital control panel with humidity & temperature display
  • Lockable doors
  • Regulated relative humidity
  • Suitable for storage & drying according to IPC standards
  • Interruption-free & redundant drying by means of 2 drying units (SD-1104/1106 and SDF-1704 only)


  • Additional adjustable shelves
  • Heater (40°C)
  • Feeder rack

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U-2000 series dryer:

RH drying to below 2% RH Regeneration: timer-controlled

Totech sensors


Integrated sensor, accuracy +/- 3% RH
Offset configuration

Totech system performance


30 min recovery time after door opening to below 5% RH

Totech system controls


Humidity & temperature display with parameter value input; humidity & door monitoring functions

Totech climate control

Climate control:

Optional heating up to 40°C
Forced air circulation

Totech documentation


External data logger

The SD Series

The models in the SD Series of drying cabinets are equipped with a dynamic drying unit U-2000. It is engineered for medium to long-term constant low humidity storage of ≤2% RH.