Dry cabinets SD+ series

SD+ Series

SD+ Series dry storage cabinets
SD+ Series dry storage cabinets
SD+ 302-22 dry storage cabinet

Dry storage cabinets in the SD Plus series are the newest and highest performance versions of the SD range and fully network compatible. They are equipped with high precision sensors, closed loop regeneration and climate data logging. Safe, low humidity control of less than 2%RH.. Engineered for medium to long-term constant low humidity storage of ≤2% RH, the cabinets are equipped with high-precision sensors and integrated data logger for performance traceability. Closed loop regeneration of the drying units minimizes power consumption and increases efficiency. A second drying unit ensures uninterrupted and redundant drying (SD+ 1104 and 1106 only).


  • Maintenance-free U-2000 drying unit with integrated fan
  • ESD safe design (IEC 61340-5-1)
  • Limit value monitoring (RH; °C)
  • Door alarm
  • Lockable doors
  • Dynamic regeneration
  • Integrated data logger
  • Includes software for performance traceability
  • Ethernet interface
  • Regulated relative humidity


  • Additional shelves
  • Heater (40°C)
  • Alarm light

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U-2000 series dryer:

RH drying to below 2% RH Regeneration: dynamic

Totech sensors


Rotronic sensor, accuracy +/- 0.8% RH

Totech system performance


30 min recovery time after door opening to below 5% RH

Totech system controls


PLC with limit value input through text display
Door and humidity alarm

Totech climate control

Climate control:

Optional heating up to 40°C
Forced air circulation

Totech documentation


Integrated data logger
Climate data recording
Free Totech Viewer software

The SD+ Series

New, upgraded hardware and software include high accuracy digital sensor & integrated data logger. All climate data can be tracked & recorded over time through an Ethernet connection and included software.