Dry cabinets ESDA series

ESDA Series

Dry cabinets ESDA series-ESDA 804-00 storage cabinet
Dry cabinets ESDA series-ESDA 402-00 storage cabinet
Dry cabinet ESDA 201-00

The dry storage cabinets of the ESDA series have been designed with transparency in mind. Engineered for medium to long-term constant low humidity storage of ≤1% RH, they come with a wide range of equipment options, such as nitrogen units & different dryers.  The ESDA series is ESD safe.


  • High-quality acrylic cabinet body
  • ESD-safe materials
  • Lockable doors
  • U-2000 drying unit (ESDA 402-21 and 804-21 only)


  • External signal lamp
  • ESD wheels
  • Nitrogen flow controls
  • U-2000 drying unit

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U-2000 series dryer:

RH drying to below 2% RH Regeneration: timer-controlled

Totech sensors


No integrated sensor, (optional-21 with integrated sensor)

Totech system performance


30 min recovery time after door opening to below 5% RH

Totech system controls


Humidity and temperature display with parameter value input
Humidity and door monitoring functions

Totech climate control


Forced convection through forced air circulation

Totech documentation


External data logger

The ESDA Series

Proven in use around the world, our ESDA Cabinets are suitable for storage in a controlled atmosphere.