Dry Storage of Digital Media & Film

Dry Storage of Digital Media & Film

Desiccant Dry Cabinets

Totech cabinets are currently in use around the globe for long-term dry storage of data and microfilms, which can be damaged when exposed to moisture.

Without effective dry storage, owners of film, photographs, video tapes, microfilms, CDs and DVDs for example, can face damage that limits the effective lifetime of materials.

Our SDB dry box storage solutions will protect all kinds of digital media and film, safeguarding them from high humidity for best-condition preservation.

dry storage of digital media & film

View our recommended, value-driven SD and SDB range of dry cabinets for moisture-proof, anti-oxidation dry storage of digital media and film materials.https://superdry-totech.com/dry-cabinets-sdb-series/

Our extensive expertise can also be applied to other industries including lenses and optics, industrial applications and preservation of antiques & valuables. For more about our work in any of these market sectors, please contact our team today.

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