Jos Brehler talks about ASYS, Dry Tower & Industry 4.0In a recent interview with Pete Starkey, Technical Editor of I-Connect007, our CEO, Jos Brehler and Sales Manager Terry Morgan, chatted about the recent Totech partnering with ASYS, what it means for the company and for the ongoing development of Totech Dry Tower automated logistics system.

Totech first introduced the Dry Tower five years ago, in response to the ever-increasing use of MSL components and the big drive in Smart Factory automation.

Industry 4.0 is something that is affecting all of us. With an emphasis on lean manufacturing principles, Industry 4.0 is driving manufacturers to adopt more streamlined practices, including improving material flow, reducing bottlenecks and reducing set-up times, as well as delivering holistic reporting and traceability capabilities.

Dry Tower delivers all of this. Combining Totech drying technology with a fully automated warehouse for electronic devices, it is very much in the middle of lean manufacturing strategies.

ASYS is heavily involved in automation and automatic systems, and saw the potential of not only selling entire production lines, but also being able to deliver material logistics management.

Read the full interview to find out more about Dry Tower and the significance of the Totech and ASYS partnership.