EMS providers Zollner, based in Altenmarkt Germany, use 72,000 component reels across 23,000 different part numbers in their SMD assembly. Before the introduction of the automatic Dry Tower system all order picking and storing of components was handled manually.

Due to constant growth Zollner were faced with the challenge of optimizing their SMD processes. Among the priorities were the needs to reduce floor space and optimize the control of moisture sensitive devices (MSDs).

In the first phase three Dry Tower Quattro modules with a capacity of 25,000 reels were introduced, followed later by a fourth to handle up to 36,000 reels.

The investment in the Dry Tower not only reduced the storage area by 80%, but also optimized many processes. The Dry Tower software ensures that the appropriate material is available at the right time, in the right quantity, at the right set-up location.

Through the integration with the ERP software, the customer always has an overview of the inventory and the status of the MSL Floor Lifetime.

The success of the Dry Tower project at Altenmarkt, Germany, has led to Zollner installing a further Dry Tower solution at their plant in Hungary.

The video shows the project details.

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