component storage solutionsTo guarantee the availability of replacement parts for ten or more years demands the advance purchase and extended storage of components and materials. Most components cannot be stored for more than one or two years without very special handling procedures, with oxidation, intermetallics and embrittlement among ageing conditions that must be addressed.

Super Dry® Totech  has been developing component storage solutions for almost two decades, including ultra low humidity environments in sizes from a breadbox to a multi-storey warehouse. Long term storage poses challenges that go beyond moisture and oxidation control, including the need to arrest intermetallics without inducing tin whiskers – another Super Dry® first and among the technologies applied by its outsource LTS Solutions division.

For those that wish to keep their safe storage in-house but need an alternative to the capital investment typically required,  there is the new “Dry Air Only” solution.  After carefully defining the exact environment required, including humidity, temperature, recovery time and traceability, the end-user pays only for the dry air – as it is consumed.   Dry Air Only; another innovative solution from Super Dry®