3D Printing Applications

3D Printing Applications

Desiccant Dry Cabinets

Totech desiccant cabinets deliver outstanding performance for floor life reset of moisture sensitive 3D printing materials, coatings, sprays, molding pellets and moisture absorbent materials of all kinds.

The advanced technology of XSD desiccant cabinets delivers a process combining ultra low humidity (<0.5%) and mild temperatures (40-60°C) for moisture removal and safe long-term storage.  These temperatures are well within the “glass transition temperature” of even the least heat resistant polymers. Higher temperatures will affect the filament properties changing them from hard and brittle to soft, molten and unusable.


Stored in Totech Cabinets, key materials can be kept in prime condition and will not be subject to deterioration caused by moisture. Our Dry cabinets are used to guard against 3D printing problems typically caused by moisture:

check  Increased brittleness

check  Filament bubbling

check  Diameter augmentation

check  Filament degradation

View our recommended, SD+ series and XSD series of dry cabinets for moisture-proof dry storage of 3D filaments and materials.

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